Hi, I’m Bailie

Mom. Wife. Desert dweller. Lover of coffee, wine, and slow Sunday mornings.

I’m 27 and have spent the majority of my life living in the desert. I grew up in Vegas but took a giant leap of faith last year and moved out to the Phoenix area for my husbands job. I’ve been married for five years and together we have created our very own little tribe made up of two cute + crazy wild things.

I started photography as a hobby when my first was born five years ago and as my love for the hobby grew through out the years I ultimately decided that this was a passion that I wanted to take to the next level. My aim is to capture the real + raw moments shared between families, lovers, and the desert around us.

While I am based in the Phoenix area, my family and I are permanently bit by the travel bug. We are in Vegas, Tucson, and Sedona often, so feel free to throw your adventure ideas at me.